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ABOUT Blonde salon

Blonde salon is a hair salon situated in Juhu, Mumbai wherein you will get almost all the skin and hair care services. We offer a number services, such as back clean-up, body spa, hand and foot nail spa, acne treatment, back scrub, back spa, hair spa, back massages, back pain treatment, Thai pouch, foot pain treatment, foot spa, complete body waxing, scrub, body wraps, pigmentation treatment, cleansing facial with clean up, body spa with facial, de-age facial, skin clean up, spa facial, lip lush, manicure and pedicure, de-tanning and brightening treatment body, underarms, back, arms & legs, hands & feet, hair treatment, and many more. All these services are being provided a team of trained professionals who focus mainly on fulfilling customer requirements and making them completely satisfied with the services that they have received from our side.